TecSo is an engineering company working for the aeronautics, automotive and naval industries as well as in the fields of agricultural and earthmoving machinery, industrial products and equipment, embedded systems, electronic apparatus and systems for medicine and industry, software and hardware development, complete design of civil works and industrial plants such as electrical power plants, heat production plants and plants for the handling and working of petrochemical and chemical products.

TecSo can provide the complete project, ready to be set to work or placed in production. This includes reliability analysis, design of production tools and analysis of the costs involved in realization. The organization has more than 350 engineers with over twenty years of experience in the specific sectors.

TecSo also provides quality assurance services to meet its customer's needs for supplier selection and approval, supply quality control, product manufacture and sale, benchmarking evaluation of the competition's products, troubleshooting and analysis to identify the causes and seek possible solutions.

TecSo sees to the creation of complete Spare Parts Catalogues, User's Manuals, Operating and Maintenance Manuals.